Someone up there hates me.

The entire half a year I’ve been busy with school, and then the exams rolled by and I didn’t even have time for coffee with my friends.

My first week of holidays was not the most well spent ever, considering the fact that I’ve been lazing around at home doing absolutely nothing, except for preparing for my Tai-Tai days, but that’s another story for another time.

The problem is, now that I’ve got so much time on my hands, all my friends seem to have disappeared, or found something else to do with their time. Talk about moving on with their lives.

With only 3 weeks left to my holidays, there had better be something better coming up.

Oh, did I mentioned the Boyfriend would be out of town next week?

I feel abit of mischief coming up.



  1. hahaha!!! disappearing friends šŸ˜€

  2. what’s so funny about ‘disappearing friends’?

  3. Well, I understand with you. Friends seems to disappear when you grow up and when you’re working, you are surrounded with colleagues. Not sure if you can consider them as friends as sometimes they will backstab you. Anyway, don’t some friends do that too? Hahaha…

    With friends like that, we don’t need enemies…

    Oh yes, friends do seems to be missing from time to time but it also takes effort on our side to maintain the friendship we have. Survey has shown that it takes seven times more efforts to maintain friends compared to making new ones… So… šŸ˜‰

    By the way, who is the someone you are referring to? =X

    Haha… up to some mischief? =X Same here… šŸ˜›

  4. I have to admit it too that we are basically lazy bummers who need a hot iron poke to get us going. And when we are going, we didn’t do what we wanted to do.
    Obviously, you are right. The one up there hates us.

  5. Calvin>> i’m very careful with the kind of friends i make, and I’m not the kind who makes friends easily…so i hardly get the problem of backstabbers =)

    Chaosm>> you said it..;P

  6. Skye> good for ya… I am pretty more easy going. Where it comes to allowing people into my life, I do but selectively. Kind of some irony here… But hear me out… I do make friends easily but these friends are not those who gets to know me much… As for those who got to know me better… Oh well…

    Sad to say, most of the time, I have myself to blame. Kind of having bad judgements or rather, I tend to trust that people have a better side in them?

    Oh well… I guess I got to be more wiser? Hahaha…

  7. Skye Walker…I’m Your Father..
    Come to the Dark
    *Evil Laughters*

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