Boys who like girls..

don’t necessarily have to behave like them.

In fact, I think guys, as much as we girls would like them to be sensitive and charming, should really be manly and chauvinistic.

Actually, if I had to choose, I’d go for the latter. I’d rather have to deal with a chauvinistic man who thinks that the woman’s place is at home and standing behind him at all times in public than have to deal with someone who’s so sensitive he thinks he knows what’s wrong with you, even when there’s nothing wrong.  I don’t like being the Man in the relationship because I’m not one, and having to deal with a sensitive guy really epitomizes all that.

A chauvinistic man can be reined in you know, much easier than a sensitive one.

Oh, and I brought that up because I was reminded of the “de” guy. Remember that post? (I’m too lazy to relink so please just track back a couple of posts back on this)

I hate it when guys act all girly and drop hints. If you want to ask me out, just ask me out. Don’t go “I’m so bored at home with nothing to do”. You tell me this because? You expect me to go “Oh you poooor thingggg…come let me ease your boredom by going out with you”.

That will never happen so don’t hold your breath for it.

Hints are for girls because somewhere very long ago someone decided that women should be subtle and be seen and not heard, so what better way to get our points across by  dropping hints?

Ok that was bullshit.

But really, I hate it when guys drop hints because I hate hints. Being subtle is one thing, dropping hints to get your point across is just disgusting and sissified because it takes up way too much time. I don’t like to guess and I don’t like surprises either.

So the next time you want something from me, you can just go ahead and say it out loud. Don’t waste my time and don’t waste yours.



  1. Skye, would you go out with me? Purleasssse?

  2. i wanna fuck you like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. hurhur…

  4. lolx

  5. No kidding. Guys make betters guys than girls do, and vice versa. Women have to stop at the same time trying to pussify guys and then complain that so many guys are pussies. Blame the Feminists, who neither men or women like, in general. At least they have each other.

  6. Feminism is bullcrap. =P

  7. Girls are fucking psychos…period.
    i’ve had enough of girls that can’t fucking make up their minds…and get this, girls like it when you treat them like crap how’s that for wierdness

  8. T-ocidez>> not too sure what you’re trying to get at, but there are guys who like to be treated like crap too. It’s a bit like wanting what you can’t have, so the more they are pushed away, the more they like it and come back for more. *shrugs*

  9. Guess this is a fine line we are talking about eh? Haha… Being subtle and dropping hints. Maybe it depends on the situation etc…

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