Fat People II

I’m sure my previous posts didn’t rest well with alot of people.

I don’t condemn fat people.

But what I really hate are people who are fat and know damn well yet make full use of it to their advantage.

I mean, do you even know how unhealthy it is being fat?

If you’re those who put on weight easily (like me), then eat healthier and get as much exercise as you can.

Why the hell would you make use of the fact that you’re fat to get your way around things? Would it make you happier that way?

In fact, most people who do such things are those who are unhappy because they’re fat and refuse to do anything about it and are angry with the world because they’re fat.

People who eat healthy tend to be happier with themselves, fat or not fat.

Yes, there are people who are fat and yet healthy.

It’s all in the way you eat, if you eat healthier, you may not lose enough weight to make you super skinny. In fact, you may lose a few kilos here and there and may not even look like you do. It’s all about taking small steps, cutting down on fried food, nix the extra sugar, lose the salt.

If you don’t exercise much, relax on the carbo!

Oh, and too much meat gives you gout too, which I must add, is a problem even for people who aren’t obese.

But the point is that, even if you eat healthy, yes, you may not lose enough weight to make you look like America’s Next Top Model. But the fact is that, you feel healthier and happier.

And that’s what important.

To be healthy and be happy being healthy.

Oh great, now I sound like some fitness guru.



  1. Sure, it’s easy to say “be healthy.” Not so easy to do. Especially if you’re poor. Carbs and junk food are cheap. And once you’re already obese it can be pretty hard to work out an exercise routine when just walking is strenuous. Most people don’t have the education or resources to know how to save themselves… and therefore take the opposite approach. They OWN it. It’s really not so bad being fat if you own it.

  2. V>> i suppose that’s the difference between both our cultures. Over here junk food isn’t cheap, compared to other sources of food we get here in our eating places. but alot of people do end up eating junk food because it “tastes so good”. i’m guilty of that every once in a while.

    i agree with you that it’s not so bad being fat if you own it. that’s what i’ve been trying to get at all these while. there is a difference being owning it and taking advantage of the situation.

    like i said before, it’s like how some skinny girls can take advantage of the fact that they’re skinny and act all defenceless like they need someone to rescue them all the time.

    sounds annoying, doesn’t it?

  3. It all boils down to the personality: if one has what it takes, they will respect the others by looking presentable. Not necessary shed those fats, but at least WELL GROOMED.

    unfortunately, most of the ungroomed ones are those who are obnoxious & fat. felt unfair? blame on those idiots.

  4. spinnee>> well said =)

  5. i think what spinnee said is pretty true. well-groomed fat people are people who put the DIGNITY in FAT (fat-nity?). and you know who are the ones who can pull it off most of the time? the meenas. everytime i see a fat meena really hamming up her hips and curvacious body with really hip (pun intended) clothes, i feel like doing a standing ovation.

  6. yeah that’s true. but still, even if you’re fat and well-groomed, you’ll still die of a massive heart attack (for example) if you don’t do something to lose some weight.

  7. Jon>> hahah yar, fat minahs are fat and proud of it, i wonder how they manage to pull it off, really.

  8. you sound more like butterfly..

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