Fat People

Seriously, I canot imagine how some fat people can live life being obnoxious and thinking that they own the bloody world. Like, you’re big and ugly already, so can you please at least be more conscious and reflective about yourself?

I was rushing out today for dinner and was walking down this pathway to get to the main road so The Boyfriend would be able to pick me up.

So I said I was rushing, right? In the opposite direction there was this REALLY FAT GUY (RFG) swaggering down the path with his really skinny friend. Normally this path would be able to accomodate 3 people walking side by side.RFG took up the entire path, and I was rushing like hell and there he was just taking his own sweet time.

I swear, this is not the first time it has happened to me. Every time I’m in a hurry, there is always some random fat person in my way. What, is the entire fat world trying to blame their obesity on me? Hello, I didn’t force you to eat all those burgers and fried chicken! You ate them yourself!! VOLUNTARILY!! It’s not my fault!!!

Seriously, fat people can be so full of themselves it’s just appalling.

Like how once, there was this girl in school who was rather fat. She was so fat you couldn’t tell where her neck started and where her hips ended.

Anyway, Fat Girl (FG), had this MAJOR crush on one of the volleyballers in our school, H. H was tall, tanned, with smouldering good looks.

Ok, nothing wrong fat people having crushes (no pun intended).

But she was like practically planning for their wedding already! AND STALKING HIM AROUND SCHOOL!! And imagining herself to be some hot babe who deserves for him to at least cast a glance in her direction.

But she was FAT, who thinks she’s SLIM.
If that’s not bad enough, there was some sorta clubbing session organised by a friend’s friend. You’d think that people like FG would never attend such parties.

Abso-fucka-lutely wrong.

FG turned up in like the worst get up ever. Think, black tube, black MINI SKIRT (all lycra mind you), and those lace up heels some girls just look so hot in.

Not for FG. She just looks like someone tried to be funky and artistic and attempted to dress up a pillar instead of a mannequin in a shopfront. I kid you not.

You’d think that fat people ought to have some sorta civic-mindedness and show some consideration for the people around them. But no, they walk around like they own the fucking world.

What’s up with that.



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  2. Ouch, what a painful post!

    But, *shrugs*, I do know that a certain few are fat because of genetic “disorders” so I’m not sure if we should look at them this way.

    Though, the RFG was clearly in the wrong, the FG might not be unless you do not believe in the freedom of/to love.

    Whether her creative lycra dressing adds sauce to other onlookers’ lives is clearly another story on its own. 😉

  3. i think fatso(s) are a bunch of digusting n grossed out human beings who deserve nothing in this world but to go to hell. i totally irk n hate ’em all. pukes..

  4. now..which fatty was that *trying to think which girl was fat and obnoxious to stalk pple*

    HOW COME I CAN’t recall any….. sheeeeesssssssshhhhh…

    anyway i second to you. not that i’m not afraid of karma, but at least i’ll make effort not to get myself FAT.

    nabeh i got an external auditor who always block the traffic in the washroom and she really think she damn pretty and slim. ccb everyday when i bump into her in the washroom i have to do matrix.

    best still, she alwiz like to park herself at the sofa at our door and ‘tiao’ me & my colleague. ccb. must be jealous of us being slimer than her. *SMIRK*

    ops i got carried away…..

  5. kelvin>>> sometimes i think the “genetic disorder” thing is something cooked up by some fattie as a lie you know? an excuse to be fat…you can genetically big sized, but you don’t have to be genetically FAT…

    mich>> ahahaha…=P

    spinnee>>> not from sec sch la hahaha…but yar i wonder why some fat girls like to act chio…i mean..there some girls who are fat but actually are quite sweet…but most of the fat girls are obnoxious and thick-skinned!!!

  6. Ouch man. That’s really harsh.

    While I’m not going to defend “genetic disorders” persay, I do come from a long line of obese family, and have watched grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and my mom battle this shit. Sure, there are things fat people could do to get thin. But an outright condemnation is really mean. I will argue that it is harder for some to lose weight (and keep it off) than others. It’s harder for me, and everyone in my family knows we can never eat the way other people do and expect to stay fit.

    And as for RFG, that story just reminded me of my grandma, who has been obese for as long as I can remember. Because of it, she can’t walk fast, and lately, can barely walk at all. Sure, this guy wasn’t my lovable grandma… but come on. Have some compassion.

    And props to your high school FG. She’s got balls, and probably did it just to spite people like you.

  7. http://www.naafa.org/ lol

    There’s nothing worse than being at a buffet full of obese women wearing shirts 10x too small. It happens all the time here. DISGUSTING!

  8. V>> i really beg to differ. it’s not like i’ve got anything against people who are fat, but there are just some people who are bigger than others and seem to make use of their size to gain some kinda “attention” by acting very obnoxious about everything. even skinny people make use of their body size to gain attention, but most of the time they act so fragile and defenceless instead of the other way round.

    maybe you got me wrong on this post. i mentioned SOME, not all. if you look at one of the comments above that i’ve made, i know some girls who are fat, not just a size 16 or 18, but they are awfully sweet people. same goes for some guys i know.

    RFG could have at least moved aside or something but he chose not to. and as for FG, well maybe she does have some kinda balls to do that, but it definitely wasn’t spiteful.

  9. i was fat before. but i thought, “do they rather see a fat guy running, or just a fat guy?”

    good thing i’ve shed some pounds. *grins*

  10. Jack>> i wanted to type this like super long comment in reply to yrs, but i shall just retype it in a post anyways.

    but good that u’ve shed some pounds..haha..i’m working hard to shed mine =P

  11. Wow.

  12. it never hurt anyone to lose a few pounds. which is why slim is healthier and better. i guess the thing about fat people at the end of the day is to know your place in society. it’s tragic but success really depends on how sharp your nose is and total body fat count. given a choice, nobody wants to be fat. or at least i wouldn’t lah. great post.

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