Supreme Idiocy.

I’ve mentioned this so many times in the blog, and I can’t say it enough. When it comes to sex, it really is more than just the physical attraction. How you carry yourself in a conversation, whether you’re intelligent or not, that is the crux of the issue really.

Because size is not measured by your dick, but by your brains.

It never fails to amaze just how most men just don’t get it.

I was out on a date once, with this guy who was a year younger (see the emerging patterns?). It was a blind date, and it was the worst date ever.

The guy can’t even hold a decent conversation!

Now, I have nothing against the use of Singlish, but bad grammer is just a turn off. Coupled with punctuating your sentences with words like “de”, “liao”, “ba” (chinese words), it’s just simply horrifying.

Yes, call me elitist, or an arrogant bitch, whatever. If you don’t agree with me, you probably have the same level of intelligence as this person.

First, he spells Tampines as Tampinese.

And he punctuates his sentences with “de”, like “this must spend so much money de”, “you got go club de ma?”

His sentence construction and grammer is like, “do you meet people you know on the net?”
Hello, if I already know them, then why the hell would I meet them on the net?

After some clarification, (he meant to ask if I meet anyone whom I got to know from the internet), I said it depends.
And he asked why. Without me answering he said something like, “must be click one right?”

For those who have no idea, he meant that for me to want to meet someone off the internet, we’d have to click first.

I don’t know about those who are reading, but at this point I was already quite exasperated and decided to just give one worded answers throughout dinner.

But he obviously doesn’t take the hint.

Not even when I give sarcastic answers. At least, I think he doesn’t get it, ’cause all he could do was to laugh.



  1. hey didn’t know that you’re a singaporean!

  2. how did you manage to actually survive through the ordeal anyways? lol

  3. reader>> now you know 😛

    mich>> haha, my patience and tolerance for idiots far surpasses my own expectations

  4. ho ho ho hello skye..
    i do not use proper english , can’t hold a conversation , younger and usually quiet most of the times..


    although my gram and vocabs usually all broken…

    i at least i do not talk with “de” bla bla unless my friend speaks mostly chinese..cause he does..adding in with those “de” bla bla thingys would be more understanding =)

    hahahaha time before you meet a guy younger than you..
    call me up instead..=P

  5. wolf how young are u?!

    and skye, i cannot agree more. stupidity is a fucking turn off. and throw in guys who think they know it all

  6. Red>> haha, make that guys who think they know it all and refuse to admit that they’re wrong. bloody irritating

  7. Why you so mean de.

  8. haha you would have an aneurysm if you heard the way many people talk around here (central Ohio) =x

    i agree completely though. a good conversation is an underrated part of seduction.

  9. Ecstasy>> LoL

    mik>> haha, I’m sure a mid western accent wouldn’t be half as bad what what we get here sometimes =)

  10. Skye – Don’t so mean de lei..i sorry de la

    Red – hehe i’m younger than you..and i look younger than my actual age too =) which makes me really young.. =X

  11. Better than a fake ang mor accent right?

  12. TKS>> haha =P

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