Weird Dreams.

Awhile ago, I was sleepless. Now, the physical and mental effects of studying for exams are finally taking its toll on me. I crave sleep, not only that, I manage to accomplish the amazing task of sleeping for 8 hours straight, wake up for breakfast, study for 2 hours, and then sleep for another 3 more hours. That’s like 11 hours of sleep people, much more than I have ever slept on any day in this entire semester.

However, I suppose some being up there really hates me because, while I do get to rest and sleep, I also get dreams. Very, very weird dreams.

I was suppose to meet this supposedly new fuck buddy of mine in his hostel for a quick fuck. So I was in my hostel room I grabbed my stuff and went down to meet him. We fucked, I gave him a blowjob. Then I realised he was the Boyfriend’s new neighbour, to make things worse, some bitchy guy entered the BF’s room, which I have magically transported myself into, and starting accusing me of all things. The BF not only did not chase him out of his room, but agreed with that the guy said! (Nothing to do with my infidelities). Pissed, I grabbed all my stuff and stomped out of his room, not forgetting to break up with the BF in the process.

Weird? That’s not too bad, it was what happened during the sex that was just utterly out of this world.

So I’m fucking this guy, and I’m giving him a blowjob, and then I realise I’ve developed a strong dislike for cum, and so I refused to let him cum in my mouth. Instead, he came all over the bedsheets and floor, and boy, can this guy cum. Anyway, I was licking and sucking him, he was somehow squatting and half bent over. Seriously, I don’t care. But halfway through giving this strange guy a blowjob, I opened my eyes and I SAW HIM LICKING HIS OWN DICK!!

What the fuck?!?

It seriously cannot get any weirder than this.



  1. i think u woke up in cold sweat instead of the suppose wetness of a wet dream! LOL

  2. I wouldn’t call it a dream. More of a nightmare ba. lol

  3. well…that is a very nice dream…
    that guy is sure one considerate personnel…

    he cleans himself up..

    and remember one of my comments i was just saying bout guys who don’t clean up?…hmm…coincidence?


    i guess sometimes its just your conscience playing mind games with you..

    or either’re just horny again..

    i never had a wet dream before..
    i guess i mast too much for a normal person =\

    but i do always wake up in cold sweat..

    when i’m always about to hit the floor hard..

    i’m always dreaming about suicide…

    trust me..i rather have dreams like yours..

  4. SI>> yar hahaha…

    Wolf>>> I have suicide dreams before, and trust me, it’s waaay better than this

  5. Did he look something like that?
    [Warning: NSFW/NSFC]

    It would take a mental gymnast to figure out where to put Skye though.

  6. Kelvin>>omg what the fuck!! hahaha

  7. I knew a guy that could suck his own dick. He was also gay. Do you think that makes a difference in how likely it is that he would do it?

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