Since Christmas is around the corner, there’s nothing better to celebrate the occassion than to put up a list of Christmas gifts I’d like to have. Of course, not that I’m requesting it from anyone here, although gifts and cards are welcome. So are monetary donations to keep this blog going (I’m just joking).

So anyway, just to mark the season a little bit, here’s my list:




4. (the bra not the model)



Ok, I was just kidding about the Christmas Wish list. The truth is, there’s really nothing I’d really want this Christmas. Except maybe for great sex. Yeah, that’d be something nice to have.

Christmas is always my favourite holiday of the year, not for the great shopping (that’s reserved for CNY where I actually get official endorsement from my Mom for shopping), but because it always leaves me warm and fuzzy inside.

In any case, this should make a good filler for the next couple of days where I ought to be working hard for my exams and not spend all my time online.

For those going Christmas shopping, enjoy yourselves, do spare a thought for the unfortunate, like ME.

Of course, if you do wanna put in some moolah to get me a nice Christmas gift, feel free to do so!

If you’re Wentworth Miller or look anything like him, don’t bother.

Just turn up naked at my doorstep.



  1. hellya wentworth miller is soo HOT! n i think channing tatum, both of ’em look alike. both sooo CUTE. lol.

  2. Wentworth Miller!! I would like to have him for xmas too! Just staring at his eyes is enough for me..

  3. mich>> channing is the one who acted in Step Up isit? haha..his lips are too thickk..eeeee…=X

    Jess>> yar exactly!!! don’t need to do anything, sit there and stare at me good enough, the rest I can rely on my imagination..haha..

    Of course, if he wants to chip in I don’t mind..WAHAHAHA…

  4. hey i own no. 2 on ur wishlist, though in black. haha! gd luck for ur exams too! =)

  5. wentworth miller is like the epitome of the NS boy. botak and yet looking like a hundred US bucks. mmmm. gimme gimme.

    and i own #5 of your wishlist. though in yellow. yellow, yellow, dirty fellow.

  6. Red>> thanks! =)

    Jon>>> haha…a hundred US bucks is an understatement..*winkz*

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