Senseless, utterly.

This is way off course but I just needed to rant.

I’m a student too, and students need to take exams, see. And it is usually during this period that we all become sleep-deprived zombies surviving on next to zero sleep, coffee, and of course, the most revered: cigarettes.

But, I have a problem. A really serious one.

You see, the problem is that, to actually BE sleep-deprived, you have to FEEL sleep-deprived. But here I am, having just gone through an entire Friday with zero sleep (I got out of bed at 10.30am on a Friday morning, and decided to go to bed only at 7am Saturday morning, and then woke up at 11am the same day), I really ought to FEEL sleep-deprived, but I’m not.

I woke up for lunch and tried to get back to sleep again, but for the love for god I just couldn’t fall asleep. So here I am, surviving only on 4 hours of sleep in the past 28hrs and I am STILL feeling wide awake and ready to go.

I need to sleep, really, but I can’t.


  1. yeah lotsa stuff seem senseless to me, utterly. i have given up trying to figure them out. *shrugs*

    btw, my msn account is the same as the email account that i filled in in 1 of those “required” boxes 😀

  2. eh? …we are both insomniacs and virgo”ians”..
    HAH..for the past two weeks i only slept for like what..
    6 hours when its all added up?

    it all started..

    when one day..i was lying on my bed…falling asleep..
    and you know how people think of stupid retarded questions to themselves while falling asleep yeah?..
    so i thought to myself this question..

    i’s the only one that affected me so much ever since i heard bout “The End Of The World” story from my old church…

    “how do we actually know we are falling asleep and how do we fall asleep? what are the processes?”

    till today i’m still wide awake writing my comments here..
    with a clear conscience..

    this question lingers around my mind..
    till this very day..
    whenever i start to fall asleep now..
    i would wake up in confussion..OR
    i can never SLEEP..

    i’m doomed…
    i thought smoking helped?..
    i smoked a pack and i’m still wide awake..

    when i looked into the mirror just like 2 days ago..
    my my..
    i saved some money..
    i don’t have to get eyeliners anymore..
    i have free natural ones..

    i am a living corpse..
    i’m doomed..
    go redeem yourself while you still can skye..
    go get sleeping pills from the doc’s!!
    i’ve used up mine(and most kinds including illegal ones)
    and i’m still wide awake..

    i’m definitely doomed..

  3. Are you worried or anxious for something? Stressed?

    Ever though of taking a walk by the beach to relax yourself or better still, go for a massage and see how things will be.

    I have experienced things like yours but was 48hrs without sleep. Anyway, I did felt like a zombie but I was enjoying myself and in the end, I got real tired and I relaized that I was overly stressed out…

    There are things which you are facing right now but you may not realized that is the actaul source which is giving you the stressed. Why not listen to listen to some classicals music?

  4. oh yeah calvin is right..

    listen to DEATH METAL!!!!
    i can send you some for starters..

    being overly tired and stressed = stoned..

    damn yeah it feels good no calvin?

  5. sleeping pills no help leh…hahaha

    maybe i’m too stressed over exams la…haha =P

    thanks for the concern though =)

  6. Still stress? Think exams should be over. Enjoy your holiday lady.


  7. Nguy>> errr…my exams haven’t even started

  8. […] Awhile ago, I was sleepless. Now, the physical and mental effects of studying for exams are finally taking its toll on me. I crave sleep, not only that, I manage to accomplish the amazing task of sleeping for 8 hours straight, wake up for breakfast, study for 2 hours, and then sleep for another 3 more hours. That’s like 11 hours of sleep people, much more than I have ever slept on any day in this entire semester. […]

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