Don’t even Try.

I know I mentioned just in the previous post that I have no stories to tell. But fortunately for me, and for whoever is reading, I managed to get some action yesterday, so there’ll be stories to come.

But before that, it just amazes me constantly how some men never seem to think with their heads. The ones on their neck that is, but instead their brains are probably somewhere in their nether regions. I’m talking about their asses.

Perhaps they’re just horny, or maybe they are just so brainless that they never really wonder if the stuff that comes out of their mouths are really as interesting as they intend it to be.

Take this guy I was talking to on MSN. At first glance at his credentials he seems a rather attractive man. In this early 30s, has his own business, relatively successful. Like all other men, he just doesn’t want a commitment. Not at the moment anyway.

But that’s not the problem.

This person, well, I’d suppose that he hasn’t been getting any for himself for awhile, because he was really trying very hard to not sound like he was desperate for a fuck, and yet you just KNOW that he wants some.

“So, shall we meet up after your exams? Just for a drink or coffee..”

(ok, still relatively harmless here, next comes the whammy)

“Will you invite me to your hostel room? I’ve never been into one before”

Just to humour him and get him out of my hair (I’m busy revising for exams hello?), I gave him a half hearted ok. Then..

“So you live alone in hostel?”

“Must have alot of semens on your bed.”


Firstly, he assumes that I’m some cheap slut who invites EVERYBODY to my room, which is not true.

Secondly, he assumes that I’m some unhygienic cheap slut who doesn’t change the sheets after sex.

Thirdly, what is he trying to say, that I just allow any random guy to cum on my bed?


What the fuck! Seriously.

After ignoring him for awhile, he followed up the previous message with a “just joking..”

Are you thick in the head or what? Joking about something like that? I don’t know about anyone else out there, but it sure as fuck wasn’t funny.



  1. well just ignore the idiot.
    if he cant even think before he speak, i doubt he even deserve ANY puss to begin with.
    well, he’s just horny.
    If is only for sex, the forest is so vast out there, doesnt need to stop and admire the pong pong tree, when you got other better , prettier choices out there. =)

  2. *laughs* so i’m the pong pong tree?

  3. Sighz, its guys like him thats giving the majority of us a bad name. Still, there are so many better choices for you out there.

  4. nothing turns me off more than bad grammer. if he can’t even speak proper english, how’s he gonna give decent oral sex? all relative.

  5. so where do i sign up to get ur msn details? 😛

  6. Thank goodness, he is an idiot. it’s better to disappoint right from the start than to puke to death later after meeting him… 😛

  7.’s not funny at fact even as a guy..
    i’d feel very very insulted too..
    considering the fact that he is already in his 30s..
    he has a business running..
    he has a dick..
    he still speaks like a primary school kid
    who just bought a computer.downloaded irc,the first channel he entered was #SEX and enjoys talking to gas with girl’s nicknames..
    how would you be able to keep a person like this in your
    MSN list?..truly he is nothing but a waste of space in your list..
    i swear if i were to ever be forced to talk like that..
    i would rather stuff my mouth with a vibrator and talk..

    tsk..guys like these makes the wolf in CrimsonWolf looks decent..they should really carry on being the waste of the earth..although they give some of us a bad name..but it doesn’t really affect those with a clear conscience..

  8. SI>> yar that’s why I don’t entertain him unless absolutely necessary, or out of courtesy I reply his messages on MSN, haha…

    Jon>> hello there!! thanks for visiting!! yes I abso-fucka-lutely agree!! nothing is worse than a guy who cannot speak decent english. size is measured by his brains, not his dick. =P

    passerby>> why don’t you leave me your MSN and I’ll get back to you

    Repairaman>> yeah that’s how I usually comfort myself when I meet people like that, “thank goodness I haven’t met them in the flesh yet!” hahaha…

    CrimsonWolf>> hahaha, yeah come to think of it he does sound like one of those guys who just started IRC-ing in #sex. LOL. But oh well there have been worse guys who like to keep pestering you to meet them, and when you say you are busy, they would still say things like, “just for a while, ok?” Geez, which part of BUSY they don’t understand.

  9. damn. this post cracked me up. really

    *can’t stop laughing*

    that guy deserves to die. ahhahaahha

  10. Some guys are just thick, and it’s not in the right head. Semens, now that’s a classic

  11. spinnee & jess>> yeah…stupid males galore!!!

  12. HAH classic indeed..the last time i saw the word semen was in secondary school while learning the topic sex..
    that busy has proven what JON said was right no?..bad english..
    not that bad english turns me off..but AT LEAST use the right words at times be it guys or girls..
    imagine if one cute guy was having dinner with you..
    perfect evening..until he starts saying..”you must have alot of SEMEN of your bed”
    proves point 1..

    but if after an intercourse..he ejects out to the bed..and says “you must have alot of SEMEN on your bed”
    well now…i believe that sentence means more than one and is less offensive unless he left without clearing up the mess created

  13. Wolf>> hahaha…the second scenario really cracked me up…if some guy came on my bed and left without cleaning it would really take the cake in bad sex etiquette…

  14. lol, well , i mean him!
    u definitely dun fit the pong pong tree category!
    u are way better !
    anyway hit me up on msn, its my email add =)

  15. This is one of the funniest things I have read in a while.

    Anyway, I thought boys aren’t allowed in girls’ rooms in the dorm. Or am I missing something?

  16. TKS>> hahaha…well the rules can always be bent..=P..anyway nice blog u got there, very interesting read =)

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