The one I let slip.

I was introduced to B when I just got out of a relationship with my ex, three years ago. He was a classmate of V, a good friend of mine back from our secondary school days. Anyway, I was introduced to him while I was still reeling from a break up, and wasn’t exactly looking for a relationship. V thought it was be nice of me to come out and get some fresh air and join her and her classmates for their weekly gatherings at this prata shop pretty near my place.

So that night I went, with V, and Q, who is another really great friend of mine. There were a few other people from secondary school I recognized and but didn’t know very well, we had been sorta just “Hey, wassup, how are ya” kinda acquaintances.

So B was the only stranger I never met, and since both hadn’t met each other, naturally we’d start talking to each other, that kinda stuff. He was a pretty nice guy, and funny too. Turns out he was in the creative line and dabbling in some writing of his own, but I was pretty impressed with. He had just gotten out of a relationship himself, so we were like two lost souls connecting with each other.

Eventually the night had to end,¬† and Q had a bike. Q lived very near where I did. V lived a little furthur. and B well, let’s just say it was like if you had to draw a straight line connecting Q’s place and B’s place, I’d be right smack in the middle. I never suspected that V wanted to set B and myself up that night until she suggested that Q took her home while B would drive me home.

Anyway, B’s quite a fast worker, mind you. When he dropped me home he asked for my number, which I gave of course, I mean, he was a friend’s friend and he seemed pretty alright. The next day he asked me out for dinner, with V of course.

The interesting thing that followed was, the week after he asked me out for coffee somewhere near our neighbourhood. We had dinner, hung out, had coffee, talked about our lives, and then he sent me home. Before doing so he mentioned that he needed to visit the toilet urgently and suggested that we drop by his place before he sent me home. Then I found myself in his bedroom, where we hung out for a little while more.

Nice, quaint little place he has, but nothing happened that night. He was on the bed while I was on the floor the entire night, and we did nothing.

Looking back, B was a nice guy, and after that night we sorta stopped keeping in contact. I got busy with school, among other things, and well, he was just, busy. But every time I think about him there is just this little voice at the back of my head that says, “it could’ve been..”

And I still miss him.


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