Good sex.

When was the last time you had good sex?

After my decision to just lay off the men for awhile, I’ve been taking a stock check on my life and  asked myself that. Then one thing led to another and I started to take stock of all the men in my life. Well, the ones I’ve fucked, of course.

And I started to wonder who I’ve enjoyed myself most with.

Well, the answer has to be C. (Strange how I can never seem to tear myself away from him, can I?)

I haven’t seen him in ages, that’s only because I’ve turned him down numerous times, hey, I was busy with school work, what’s a girl to do right? Anyway, we’ve kinda stopped talking altogether for awhile, I suppose that is because he probably found another booty call to busy himself with. Not that I’m bothered but it disturbs me how everything has to start and end with him, and then somewhere in between he always pops right in every now and then.

Not that I mind because, after all, sex with him is, just wonderful. Just the way I like it.

But we’ve all gotta move on, and I don’t think I can have him in my life anymore. Not for any emotional reasons but, it just felt like it has to end, you know?

So anyway, I was just musing to Van the other day that I need a new man in my life.

Not that there has been a lack, but some of them are well, not very intellectually stimulating, and that’s what I look for, before all the physical activity comes into the picture, there’s been a few but honestly I’ve been so busy I’m quite tired to go through all the “Hi, it’s nice to know you” kinda shit. So.

Oh, did I mention that a very hot ex-whatever of mine is back in town? Perhaps I should make one of my afternoons free for him. Hmmm.



  1. The last time I had GOOD sex was over a year ago, when I was still with my most recent ex. We broke up almost exactly a year ago, but we stopped having good sex, and then any sex, long before the break up.

    It’s been too long!

  2. The last good sex I had was just the other night—a glorious blowjob. What makes sex good versus bad versus just so-so? Sex is a frame of mind, but I think there is a Venus-Mars thing at work, too. It might be easier for guys to say they had good sex versus women. Maybe I am way off base.

    For me, just a nice build up and strong orgasm is nice. A strong orgasm is always nice, but the build up matters. On the giving side, the same is true—when you give a woman a nice build up and she has a fantasic orgasm.

    Orgasms have minds of their own at times—I’ll attest to that—, but when the planets are in alignment, Wow! Watch out.

    Technique: 10
    Build Up: 8
    Release: 8

    That’ll do.

  3. Yeah I’d agree that it depends alot on the chemistry between two people, and it has to be the right time and right place.

    Otherwise, it’s just not that spectacular, and I’m not even talking about orgasms here, just the sex itself.

  4. I would have to say this past weekend. Wife an I were out of town, no kids, no parents, not interruptions! Just focusing on each other!

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