No, seriously.

I used to know this girl from school, she used to date one of my guy friends. She was pretty,rather pretty, but she wasn’t very smart. Well, she was quite a slut too. When dating my guy friend, she wouldn’t have second thoughts about discussing her sexual history with us in graphic details. What’s worse is that she doesn’t really give a second thought about describing sex with my guy friend in an equally graphic manner either.


Now, I hear what you’re saying. I’m not that innocent either and I shouldn’t act all frigid when it comes to topics like sex. But I know how to keep my mouth shut when its supposed to be shut. There is a difference between embracing your sexuality and behaving like a slut who just opens up for any guy.

Anyway, this girl, E, was initially welcomed into our group, I mean, she seemed pretty harmless and all. But eventually we all got sick and tired of her antics. Firstly, she’d go around wondering out loud why guys don’t believe she’s a virgin. Then, she’d try to reaffirm her “virgin” status by telling these guys “I’m a virgin, why don’t you believe me!” followed by a loud cackling laughter. And, go on to include thse guys (who barely knew her by the way) in her recounts of sexual exploits.

THEN, she’d wonder why men don’t take her seriously, choosing to objectify her as a sexual object. I mean, come on, are you serious??

Seriously, she just pissed me off every single time she opened her mouth, but we all didn’t say anything because she meant quite a bit to our friend. So we all kept our mouth shut.

But well, the best thing wasn’t her behaviour, but the circumstance which led to her ending up as the girlfriend of my guy friend.

It was at a stayover, and they had been drinking, one entire group of them. She was drunk, everyone else was pretty high (she has a low alcohol tolerance level), and was messing around with my guy friend, and this other guy, X. She had originally wanted to fuck X for a pretty long time but he was having problems with his girlfriend that night and was obviously not in the mood.

So, she was horny, my guy friend was horny and obviously liked her a whole lot too. Then, they fucked. Like, right in front of everyone, they just had a go at it.

Apparently the sex with my guy friend was so good that she just decided to stick around with him for awhile.



  1. I know I am a day or two older than you are , but the truth is it went on in my youth also. It is good to hear I am not alone.

  2. Well, if she really is a virgin, she probably don’t have very much to go by does she?

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