Ham or Eggs?

There was this episode on Grey’s Anatomy (warning: spoilers ahead), where George meets this couple who was about to married, and the guy drew on this really interesting analogy.

In the relationship, you could be the chicken, or you could be the pig. If you were the chicken, you were only involved, because you provided the eggs in a breakfast. But if you were the pig, you were committed, because you provided the ham.

See the logic?

It came in so timely simply because George was having problems in his relationship with Callie, and it was so sweet when he told her that he was the chicken, but now he wanted to be the pig. But Callie didn’t want anymore of that because before she met him, she was independant, and hardworking and successful, but when he starts saying stuff like that, she goes all weak in the knees and then she gets her hopes up.

And she didn’t want that anymore.

(End of Spoilers)

How many of us are like George? Who only wanted to be the chicken, whilst someone else was the pig. You never really wanted to commit, for various reason. Maybe you were afraid, or you wanted to wait out and see where this brings you, or, you were just used to the pig being committed and you took everything and forgot to give it all back.

And then when we lose it all, we decided that this time, we want to be the pig. Only to find out that the pig has given up on the chicken.

When I first got together with The Boyfriend, I was the pig. I gave him everything and anything. I gave up my life, my friends, my family. Then I decided, enough was enough. I wanted my life back, I want my family, my friends back.

I want my freedom back.

So I did, I stopped being the pig and became the chicken. But then the Boyfriend decided he wanted to be the pig instead of the chicken.

But I’m happy being the chicken you know, life is good, I have the best of both worlds. But every now and then something inside stops me and makes me wonder if I’ll end up like George.

Maybe someday, I’ll want to be the pig again, and then, he would want to be the chicken.



  1. I don’t know which I want to be, ’cause there are risks to each… Guess I’m afraid of not being reciprocated (pig) and not giving enough to sustain the relationship (chicken). Any in betweens?! Heh. The thing with relationships… Tsk.

  2. Well, I suppose if the other party is willing to be the pig, then there’s no problem in being the chicken, is there? =P

    Relationships are always tricky..and being the woman in the relationship is just worse..

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