Chocolate Sushi anyone?

From Koo-Ki Sushi:

Fancy some Sushi made of chocolate? Apparently Koo-Ki Sushi is made of chocolate, flavouring (think strawberry flavoured chocolate disguised as a piece of raw tuna), and rice krispies in place of real rice, all made by hand. Sounds delectably sweet and sinful all at the same time.

Here are the ones that come in a set, with re-usable containers:



Oh my god, look at these!! The plates, made with either white or milk chocolate are even EDIBLE!!!



They even have edible chopsticks, cups, and the Fortune Cat thingy:



These are like, even better than the Sushi Pillows.

Would anyone care to get me one of those (both the chocolates and the pillows)? Preeeeetttyyy pleasseeeee?

Oh, and for the boys, here’s some Monica Bellucci, in a photoshoot for GQ Magazine. One word: HOT.




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  1. With a mile on my face all I cn really say is: “Love Sushi, Love Chocolate — Hello kilos here I come”
    better not still have 20 kilos to lose. and am only half way there.

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