T’s Back.

Well, either he had spent an extra week on holiday, or I had mis-estimated the weeks because I thought he was supposed to be back last weekend instead. So when I didn’t get any calls, or sms-es, or emails from him, I thought he had forgotten about my existence, found some other girl, and moved on. So I happily moved on with my life.

Well then, until I saw him online on MSN yesterday.

He dropped me a message and asked if we could meet. Well, for one, I’m busy, like, super extremely busy where I don’t even have time to sleep and sit down for a proper meal, and secondly, I really don’t feel like going through all the nonsense of making excuses for my absence from The Boyfriend, sneaking out in the middle of night, early in the morning. Plus the fact that I am running behind schedule on my assignments, I don’t have much time to spare.

So he said it’ll just be a drink, or a simple meal, and then he’d bring me back. Sounds innocent enough, but I’m not too sure, and frankly, at this juncture I just don’t have the energy to be entertaining.

And so today I conveniently “left” my phone in school while I went home for the weekend.


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