I originally wanted to post this in the comment box, as a reply to one of my readers. But me, being me, took it one step too far and my comment got pretty too damn long to be in the damned box. So I suppose it’d make a good post anyway on my perspectives, and let this be a nice reply to one of my readers, Sanhuang.

Honestly, I don’t believe in cosmetic surgery. Sure, there is always that temptation to want to tweak my nose a little, make my boobs a little firmer, take off some of that cellulite off the thighs, a little fat round the middle, bigger eyes, etc.

If we would want to be critical of ourselves, the list is seriously endless.648790_98441998.jpg

Furthermore, would cosmetic surgery make you feel better inside? It may make you more confident of yourself, you may get more attention from men (those superficial lot :P), but ultimately, it is what you are looking for in in life that would make you happy.

By going for cosmetic surgery, aren’t you giving in to the whims and fancies of those people who expect you to make up for what you lack? That’s being extremely nice to them by spending shitloads of money don’t you think?

Sometimes I think, attraction isn’t based purely on looks alone. Sure, if all you wanted was a one night stand, then I’d say looks are pretty important. But if you want something more long term, a proper serious, committed relationship, then it goes much deeper, doesn’t it?

Sure, people crave for perfection, but perfection, as flawless as it may seem, is not always beauty. In fact, beauty is flawed. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the features of a pretty girl you know. Let’s take, for example, Lucy Liu. I’m sure alot of men find her hot. In fact, I think she’s rather pretty. But let’s face it, her face is freckled, her lips are too thin, and her eyes are rather small. But all these imperfections make her look good, no?

At the end of the day, it’s not about how big your boobs are, how pert your butt is, or how flawless your complexion is. If you can’t hold a decent conversation, then what gives?

If you don’t believe, see it from a guy’s perspective.



  1. I agree with you if cosmetic surgery was for the reasons you mentioned. Why give in to societal whims and fancies. Its happier and much easier being yourself and be thankful for what you are given.

    I guess i can only tolerate cosmetic surgery if its to repair a default in the body (e.g cleft lip).

  2. I kind of feel it’s always a balancing act between the two. To be honest, no matter how intelligent, how gloriously interesting a girl is, I honestly doubt that most men (or at least, most discerning men of some intelligence to think of such issues) would be able to sustain interest without having to invest more effort than is usual.

    (Ok, to qualify, I speak here of the kind of man who has appreciation for the aesthetic, no matter how little. The kind that would be perturbed if say confronted by a slightly mismatched set of clothes. Which I suppose is most men I know.)

    Even if it’s just your normal guy, he notices physical beauty first, yes? Ok that’s a given. I think we can’t break away from that. After the looks had gotten the attention (and the guy has gotten the attention of the girl), I agree with you that then the personality matters. But I think that even after that, there is always a tension between physical attractiveness, and the attractiveness of the person. I don’t think that most guys would say that they wouldn’t mind if a girl with whom he feels able to have a meaningful connection suddenly gains 100 pounds, gets bad skin, dresses terribly, and never ever wears any make-up anymore. The relationship will change somehow, great as the girl as a companion and soul as she may be.

    Bottom line is, being mentally sharp, able to hold a conversation, being open-minded about exploring different interests and viewpoints etc. all matter tremendously, no doubt; but I think beauty still has its place even after all the above virtues, and plays a more important role than what girls may wish to realise – than what guys may wish to admit.

    Ok, just me wee thoughts.

  3. Thanks, Syke. I feel honoured to read your opinions on the issue of cosmetic surgery. My immediate reaction was to let out a good cry (not your fault, I’m the emotional sort and the tears had been pent up for some time).

    In fact, it has put me in a rather pensive mood. I’m still an advocate of cosmetic surgery, but to say that your opinions have not tweaked my views a little is not true.

    Let me put my thoughts in a coherent order. I’ll get back to you with my answer, maybe it will be my first blog entry on my first ever blog.

    Meanwhile, I hope your exams will go smoothly.

  4. Maddened>> which would you prefer on a date? a hot babe who cannot hold a decent conversation, or a hot babe who is witty and intelligent?

    SI>> i think tweaks are ok, in fact i think cosmetic surgery is fine, but not when its an extreme makeover kinda thing, or when i’m doing it simply because someone else is telling me to do. i think cosmetic surgery is one of those moral & ethical issues where I have to be comfortable with the idea, or uncomfortable enough with my own body to do it. it cannot be because someone else does not like my body hence i have to do it.

    Sanhuang>> good luck with your first blog =)

  5. In reply: A hot babe who’s witty and intelligent of course. In truth, even if she’s not all that hot, but witty and intelligent, she’s still better than a vacuous hot babe. Still, now and then, I probably can’t help but look at prettier people, and maybe even wish that my date/gf/whatever is a little prettier looking too. It could just be me, and I could just be wanting my cake and eating it too. Perhaps I need a bit of reality eh?

  6. Mad>> well, everyone’s attracted to beauty, and humans are people with unlimited wants..=P

  7. […] This started as a comment on Skye’s post about plastic surgery, but it kindof flew away from comment-land, so now it’s here. […]

  8. I was going to comment, but it got too long so I made it a post. Read here.

  9. Hi skye!

    i’ll add another comment, but i think, well if it boosts your confidence it’s not so bad right?

  10. littleone>> heya..well yes of course, but there is a fine line between doing it simply because it makes you feel better, and doing it because someone else thinks it would make u feel better..isn’t it?

  11. lol! you can’t ask me that – not when you know i’ll do things for Master just because He wants me to and because He can.

  12. littleone>> haha, that’s true..=)

  13. In the words of my friend,

    When I look at her, I gotta be attracted to her.
    When she opens her mouth, I gotta still be attracted.
    When she starts talking, I would still be attracted.

    And, end of the day, she won’t cling to me like 3M double-sided tape.

  14. Vandalin>> anything that comes from the 3M factory belongs to one place -> the wall.

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