Why I have more male friends

Ever since I was a kid in primary school, I find myself being able to hit it off better with my male friends than my female friends. This continued all the way into secondary school, my pre-university days, and up until now. No, this wasn’t because I was a terrible flirt or anything, in fact, it was quite the contrary.

When I was young-er, I was very much a tomboy, I had short hair, never wore skirts unless it was my school uniform, and well, basically, behaved like the boy my parents never had (then). I supposed being a tomboy made me closer to my male friends because I never had much to talk about with my female friends anyway. This, I thought was because of the way I chose to carry myself.

When I moved on to my pre-university days, I looked back at my secondary school life in horror and realised I was the only one in my group of female friends who had NEVER been kissed. Fuck. The error of my ways hit me and I started growing my hair our, wore contact lenses (yes I had to wear glasses), and started updating my warddrobe.

Still, I never had much to talk about with my female friends. Sure, we talked about life, talked about guys, music. But there was it. I still found that things were much better with my guy friends. In fact, conversation with my guy friends were much more inhibited. I mean hey, they’re less sensitive than girls, I don’t have to watch my language when I’m with them. Plus, they did things which were stupid but fun, but the girls, well, girls being girls had to watch their mannerisms, etc. *yawn*

It was then that I realised there was no way I could ever change myself to be a girly-girl, if you get what I mean. I liked hanging out with the guys because conversation flowed much easier, you didn’t have to worry about looking silly and stupid, and basically, you could talk about anything you wanted under the sun. Besides, back then I was much fitter than most girls I know, and being sportspeople, we often found new ways to compete against each other. Hey, since I was fitter than most of my classmates, the next natural thing to do would be to compete against the boys, right? I suppose this habit of constantly trying to pit myself against the boys and try to be better than them added to the so-called camaraderie I had with them, in fact, throughout my school days I was always known as “one of the boys”. Guys treated me like one of them, and I of course, saw myself as one of “them boys”.

Which probably explains why I can get along better with guys, and why I have more guy friends than girls. Its much easier to talk to guys, there’s more stuff to talk about, and really, most of the time there is little to worry about hurting their feelings, unless of course, you’re talking about their ego. With girls, well, the path is just alittle more sensitive to walk on.

Alright, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, back to my papers.



  1. What’s a nice girl like you dabbling in wicca and paganism for? Haha. Study la.

  2. lolx! i’ve met girls who behaved boyishly when they’re in the public. but they’re just so feminine & sexy when they’re on the bed *grins*

  3. Good luck for your papers.

    Couldn’t agree with you more abt interactions with guys being less of a headache than that of gals in general. Though I notice that certain guys can also behave like gals in such interactions….making life interesting. :p

  4. jack>> woahh..haven’t seen you around in the longest time!

    Sanhuang>> yeah those guys who behave like that only do nothing more than deserve an exasperated “Stop behaving like a girl!” from me..haha..

  5. Ecstasy>> heh I just saw your comment…apparently your comments land in the spam box all the time..don’t know why..=S

    Anyway, just as how “nice guys finish last”, nice girls aren’t always the most attractive, don’t you agree that girls with an edge are always the most intriguing?

    But well, I’m MAKING AN EFFORT to be nice..lols..

  6. Hmmm, how true that “Nice girls aren’t always the most attractive”.

    I’m an example of such a nice girl. I have my character flaws too. Sometimes it peeves me to be expected to ‘make up for what I lack in the looks department’ all the time. Hence, I’m saving up for a slew of cosmetic surgery processes. There’s a limit to how nice I should really be, I feel. Don’t you think so, Skye?

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