Idle thoughts

You know you had good sex when, after the deed is done, you start to giggle like a schoolgirl. (Ok, maybe it’s just me then.)

Anyway..on with the story.

There was a period of time, very long ago, when I first started this lifestyle of mine. I met Ding, who was, interesting to say the least. He was a senior in school, had a girlfriend who was already working, and well, just bored. So he wanted to look for someone else.

The catch was, he didn’t want anyone for sex, but rather companionship. Someone who he could treat like a girlfriend, without having to be a girlfriend.

Sounded confusing to me, and I thought to myself, “What a loser”.

Until today I still don’t understand why, the guilt is already there, might as well go all the way right?

Ok, that was totally pointless.

I’m beginning to wonder if I should be doing what I’m doing. I mean, not that the guilt is setting in or what, I’ve learnt to work that out of my system.

I’m just beginning to wonder if its all getting too much to handle. You know, all the men coming in and out of my lives. It’s beginning to be tiresome, and well, mundane, in a way of course.

With the exams coming up and all my assignments being due in the next two weeks, I really ought to just focus on them, instead of running around and fucking myself up silly (figuratively, of course).

Hmmmm, maybe it is time to take a break.



  1. wish i could have someone in NUS purely for companionship too.

  2. What happened to Ding then?

  3. Study first lah. 😛
    Althought it’s said that sex helps you perform better…

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