The Age Gap

Most girls my age probably wouldn’t even think of dating, or fucking someone more than 10 years their age. The thing is, is it really thaaat inconceivable a thought?

I mean, I was at a party today and among the guests were a majority of kids who weren’t even 21 years of age yet. There were adults there as well of course, and one particular man, whom I would say would be about close to 40 years of age who seemed to be hitting on two young girls who, I repeat were not even anywhere close to being 21.

And I found myself being disgusted. I mean, here is this guy who is hitting on these two girls whose ages added together would not even be anywhere close to his own.

Then I stopped myself and asked, is it really such a bad thing?

I mean, I’m no angel myself, I’ve flirted with men much older than me as well, and entertained thoughts of, well, you know, impure thoughts about them. So what makes what this guy is doing so wrong? Is it because he was doing it in front of two seemingly innocent young girls, at a very innocent party? What if he was in a pub, doing the exact same thing, would my impression of him change?

You realise that it’s always the women who think like that. The men obviously have no qualms about dating/fucking someone 10 years younger (or more I dare say), those who have entertain such thoughts raise your hands please.

It’s always the women who are squeamish about things like these. I would say that the average woman in Singapore would not date anyone more than 5 years older than her, maybe 1 or 2 years younger.

I would admit that I would be squeamish about fucking someone much older, I mean, I cannot imagine being in bed with a balding man, panting away and lasting probably only about 15 minutes. You get the idea.

(Oh by the way, someone told me that younger men last longer, anyone wanna prove that?)

But my point is, is it really that bad? Dating/fucking someone, say, 10 years older than you are?

Ladies, what say you? (‘Cause we all know what the men would say)



  1. Experience lasts longer.. doesn’t matter whether you’re younger or older. A master once added “Its not just the length, its not just the size, its how many times you can make it rise!” haha.

  2. I though its those that always have sex will last longer?? Imagine someone who never had sex for weeks or mths, can he last long?


  3. honestly, i won’t date anyone that much older than me simply coz i don’t feel that sexual attraction to a man that much of a senior to me. perhaps in my mind, it has an uncomfortable connotation to something akin to daddy-girl roleplay hence i’ve always kept that distance from older men. besides, com’on, winkley dicks? and possibly big pot bellies? not my cup of tea – i need someone physically more attractive than that!

  4. littleone..what if that man is good looking, attractive, charming, none of that potbellied, balding, wrinkly nonsense? would you change your mind? =)

  5. stumbled across your blog and love your inyourface and frank writing style.

    guess it’s a matter of the level of comfort. age wasnt a factor when i fucked a friend 15years my senior (and yes, i’m a student). it’s still not a factor now. helps that he doesnt look his age. anyhows, a good fuck is a good fuck. 🙂

  6. hi thalia, thanks for visiting =) yeah i do agree its alot about comfort, and chemistry, if those two aren’t present then there’s nothing much else to talk about is there.

  7. Well, there are quite a number of men 10 years older who are good looking, charming, rich and very intellectual. Experience lasts, but sad to say stamina dun. Even if they are the ones who constantly work out. Age catches up with them as well 😉

    But I very much prefer older men. They just.. know more.

  8. I am living and very in love with a girl 23 years younger . Me 42 …her 18 .
    I am not rich …but stable …not bald or pot bellied …But better than most men my age I’m a business professional and a musician…and I have a ravenous sex drive which is increased dramatically due to the fact that she is one of the sexiest hotties I have ever laid eyes on . I also have more desire to live than most people my age and find the herd I used to run with thinned out almost to extinction . Older women lack the exuberance that I need to remain interested . I also really adore my partner I am overwhealmed with joy and inspiration .

    WE are inseperable . Yeah we get alot of stares and kids comment ” EW you kiss your Dad like that “. I’ve been called a child molester to my face . But for the most part there is acceptance from our close friends on both sides with only a few exceptions . Its our families that create the the stickiest situations .

    Women seem especially disgusted but at this point the bliss factor is so high we don’t even let it bother us . I’m as proud as I could possibly be . I got her a rock for Xmas .

    I’ve never been so devoted to something in my life .

    Am I taking a huge risk?..of course. But we both realize in order cash in on life’s lottery we need to play to win and thats exactly what we re doing . This is too important not to really try .

    Our families are horrified but they will just have to get over it .

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