That phantom from the past.

It was the only way I still held on to a piece of you, the only way I knew how you were getting on without me having to ask.

Who was there to ask anyway? No one but yourself. But I wouldn’t, and you know it, I let pride get in my way.

How did we even stop talking? Heck, I never knew that you left. And I pushed you all the way to the back of my head and forgot about you. Even when he appeared and reminded me of everything that you were, I chose to forget.

But today, somehow, I remembered. It must’ve been that one thing which you brought to me then, that one thing I, like you, fell so much in love with. That one thing which never fails to remind me of you everytime. Every single time. Then, when I tried to search and couldn’t find you, I panicked.

When I couldn’t find you, I thought I lost you forever. That little thread which still made me remember, that little thing which still held that little thread of contact.

You’re long gone, and there’s no way we could be together, not even in the past. But every little thing just reminds me of all the fun we had.

So thank you for all the fun.

Thank you for making me so happy. I knew that you knew. And you knew that I wouldn’t say a single thing no matter how much you tried to make me say it.

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, a great buddy, for being there, for protecting me, although you know, I can fight my own battles. =)

But its hard, its so hard to let go, even though its been so long, even though we don’t talk to each other anymore. Do you still remember me? That girl who, eventually became your friend, who refused to say anything to you until it was all over.

Even though you knew. =)

We should start talking to each other again, shouldn’t we? Just like old times, but where do I start?

It’s not the affection lost, but the friendship lost that I want to regain. Can I? Can we?

Would you allow me to do just that? Just once more?


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