Pain of the Century

I think sometimes Karma has its own subtle ways of inflicting itself on people. For the past couple of days, I’ve been experiencing simply horrible throbbing pains at the base of my head. Panadol didn’t help, and the stronger painkillers prescribed by the doctor doesn’t help much either. According to her it’s some kinda headaches caused by stressed and tension, I’m wondering if its just the lack of sex. Haha.

If the horribly throbbing headache that just makes me feel like my head is going to explode and my brains will spill out kinda pain is not enough, Karma has to yet again inflict pain on my with the dreaded period cramps. I haven’t had cramps in awhile, and this time around its just horrible.

Ok, enough of the gruesome stuff.

Did I mention that I have a really hot lecturer? Not the tanned, tall, athletic kinda hot, but the charming, suave, intelligent looking kinda hot. Oh my god, he’s just enough reason to wake up early for class every week. I was just gushing to Butterfly on MSN so I should not replay what happened, for fear of sounding like some prepubescent young thing. Shame on me.

In any case, taking my fantasies a step furthur, I’ve established the fact that he is single, now, I wonder if he’s gay…



  1. Argh.. tension headache.. next time you go to the doc’s, ask for Lexotan. It’s a powerful muscle relaxant which can knock you out with half a tiny pill and when you wake up, all the pain is gone.

    Panadols are useless, go for asipirin, neurofen and naproxen sodium. gee.. I sound like a druggie

  2. haha, but the thing is i dun wanna be knocked out..=P

    i realised Coke (as in the soft drink) cures headaches too!! I had two cans and then they were all goneeeee…

  3. I cure headaches too..

  4. My magic fingers is a headache cure.

    Good strong backrubs take away the pain like *snap*, and it’s a lot more fun than popping pills.

    Oh, the side effects are actually FUN 😉

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