I don’t know if anyone out there has had this experience, but let’s face it, I have met alot of different men, some taste nicer than others. I had the chance of finding out exactly why a while ago, from some random magazine, or some random website, if I can remember correctly.

Anyway, I used to think taste varied from person to person because of their body make up, you know, like how come perfumes smell different on different people?

Then I realised, it was because of diet.

And it was true, C had curry for dinner and he tasted horrible. T is a vegetarian, so I have no problems with that.

Apparently, if you take alot of fruits, and vegetables, and sweet stuff, you’re most probably gonna taste sweet. If you’ve had lotsa curry or spices for dinner, please don’t get a blowjob from someone you’re dating cause she’s gonna hate you for life and never gonna give you another blowjob ever again.

Same goes for cheeses, dairy products, and asparagus.

Oh, and alcohol too, although that fact has been debatable. And seafood in general.

Although in my opinion, veggie and fruit eaters probably taste the best.


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