Decisions, decisions..

There are times when life is just like being in a giant cake shop where you get to sample and eat as many cakes as you want.

So you pick a chocolate mousse cake, and it tastes so fucking good you just want more and more of it, until the point where you’re just sick and tired of eating it.

So you pick, strawberry shortcake. And you think it just tastes so much better than the chocolate mousse ’cause it’s such a refreshing change right?

After awhile you realise you haven’t finished the chocolate mousse, so you go back to eating it, and then you realise yet again that it’s so good you just want more and you THINK that having strawberry shortcake is just sucha bad idea and you should just stick to chocolate mousse.  After awhile you stare at the strawberry shortcake longingly and start to have second thoughts…

That’s when you realise you need to make a decision and stop switching from cake to cake simply because it’s not doing your health and your expanding waistline any good. So which do you pick?

It’s difficult isn’t it, to have to choose between the better of two things which are so damn good?

Of course, you could not choose and settle for say, banana chocolate cake and come back to chocolate mousse and strawberry shortcake when you feel like it. But you can’t do that forever can you?

Eventually, we all have to choose. But how do you choose?

How do you make the choice?

On the sidenote, I realised that C tends to have rather long lasting flings/fuck relationships. Why that is so I really have no idea, but at times when you think men can be such jerks, he hops right back into the picture and reminds you that there may be some other men out there who don’t have to be jerks. He’s one of them. I’ve known him for more than 2 years now (which also means we’ve been in this, fuck buddy type relationship for that long), and he’s never failed to be there when you needed him to be. He’s never been mean (except for that one time when I was bugging him about something and he was busy with work), and he’s always been supportive, you know, like a friend. He kinda just breaks apart the entire notion of a no-strings attached relationship and comes in being this friend/fuck buddy/lover kinda guy, yet at the same time maintaining the distance. Which isn’t a problem, really.

But I just marvel at the fact that he manages to be…nice. When most other guys just don’t bother once you’ve both moved on. Not that I mind, but you don’t have to move on and yet be mean about it you know, which really, pisses me off because I don’t owe you anything.

So stop pissing me off.


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