The Serious Stuff

I know its bad enough when I have the attention span of Dory in Finding Nemo when it comes to men, but things have gotten a turn for the worse, and you know it when it extends all the way into life outside of men, when it has never ever happened before.

When I started school this year, I was full of excitement, of hopes and dreams to come, but now, 8 weeks into the semester, I’m starting to feel a tiny wee bit jaded.

Maybe its because I have too many distractions at hand, or maybe because I’m just flat-out tired of studying. But I’ve begun to realise that perhaps this is really not what I want to do.

And I’ve talked to a few people about it, and everything just about sums up their take on this: hang in there and see where it brings you.

Isn’t that what life is always about? Its always the “oh-I-hate-this-so-much-but-I’ll-hang-in-there” kinda mentality. We’re always doing things for the sake of doing it, for the sake of making others happy. When do we ever really do something for ourselves? Because we really want to do it? Because we’re happy doing it?


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