Marry Me Today

Incidentally this is the english-translated title of a David Tao song from his new album, which I really liked, not because of the overall meaning in the song, but because the melody was so upbeat, there was absolutely nothing to hate about it.

But I wasn’t as upbeat when I heard the same words come out of my boyfriend’s mouth.

Yes, he has broached the subject again. Its no joke when, if you’ve been reading the posts prior to this, you’ve come to realised that once again, I was contemplating a future with him. Once again, he has to bring it up.

I’m beginning to wonder if he can read my thoughts, or if my thoughts translate into my actions in such an obvious manner that he has to drop such obvious hints.

Probably not. But this time it was more direct.

All this happened just before I was about to happily go and meet up with Mr. T. A spoiler, really.

Speaking of which, it has been fun, so far. The ride (no pun intended) just gets better.

“I really hope to see you tonight”.

Surely, something like that would make a girl’s heart flutter, but me, being me, somehow hoped that what it really meant was that “I’m so fucking horny I need to fuck”. Of course, somewhere deep down inside this girl hoped that he really meant what he said.

I don’t know, I’ve never had a fuck buddy who would ask me out for dinner and coffee, we usually just head straight for the bedroom. Maybe its an older man thing.

I’ve been told I read too much into things, perhaps I am doing it right now. My apologies, it’s a bad habit I find it hard to kick. Afterall, reading about my obsessions is what interests everyone, right?

But then again, somehow there’s this tugging at the back of my head, telling me, somehow prompting me, that this is as far as it’ll go. Well, not too far from the start point I say.

Afterall, isn’t this what I intended it to be?


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